How to: Create a Poloniex Exchange Account

I added a new article on a walk-through of setting up a new account at Poloniex; How to: Setting up a Wallet on a Exchange. Poloniex is an alternate cryptocurrency trading site that allows people to trade between various alternate coins, as well as BTC. The reason I choose Poloniex is the ease of registration with minimal information and the ability to get an account, as well as deposit wallets for BTC and ETH, up and going quickly.

As you can probably see by now, I intend to have many of my initial articles interweave with one another somewhat to help beginners to the world of cryptocurrencies with common tasks and help answer many common questions I have heard. This is one more piece of that puzzle. You may also notice that I have dealt a lot with the fairly new cryptocurrency Ethereum. This is because I believe Ethereum had a good change to become a substantial player int he world of cryptocurrencies, and now is a good time to get in on it as it is fairly young. I will eventually publish more on many other coins, but thought I would cover many of the basics with Ethereum for the reasons mentioned.

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