The DAO is under attack — but Vitalik saved us

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Bad news….

apparently The DAO is under attack and is leaking eth in huge amounts. Yet Vitalik proposed a solution to rescue the funds. See related post:

also see the following posts:

Stephan from started a live-blog with information as well

Myetherwallet allows splitting into split proposals:

This reddit post explains how to split into a currently ongoing split proposal:

Please understand that this is not any kind of advice — All of us are loosing money right now and this is one strategy on how to get out of the attacked DAO. Might be better, might be worse than just sitting and waiting what happens. We are losing money right now as well, but see it as our duty to share our identified options with you!

Griff laid out a strategy to rescue tokens:

  1. If anyone knows who has the split proposals Congo Split, Beer Split and FUN-SPLT-42, please contact @griff on The DAO’s Slack. We need their help!
  2. If you have made a split proposal already and have the ability to split, please do so asap.
  3. If your tokens are blocked vote yes on split proposals.
  4. If your tokens are free, you have to make your best judgement call.
  5. If you want to help spam the Network so Christoph Lefteris Vitalik Gustauv and all the other geniuses can mount the counter attack… a community member posted this guide on how to:
    Please do this to spam the Ethereum Blockchain:
    Open terminal:
    $geth console
    In second terminal:
    $geth attach

In geth console (make sure account[0] has sufficient gas for transaction):u

for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++) { eth.sendTransaction({from: eth.accounts[4], gas: 2300000, gasPrice: web3.toWei(20, ‘shannon’), data: ‘0x5b620186a05a131560135760016020526000565b600080601f600039601f565b6000f3’}) }

We will try to keep you informed.

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  1. This is a sad day indeed and may be a case of too big too fast for the DAO. With so much money at stake it painted a big red target on its back.

    This will definitely set back both the DAO (there is some talk it is over) and Ethereum (ETH) and it will take some time to recover.

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