Yet Another Ethereum Fork ? Classic Ethereum (CETH)

According to a new post on Reddit another Ethereum fork may be in the works: Classic Ethereum (CETH).

Not to be confused with Ethereum Classic (ETC), which resulted from the hard fork implemented due to the DAO hack, or with the original Ethereum (ETH), the new Classic Ethereum (CETH) fork will adhere to the original Ethereum blockchain until the block 1,920,000 where it will also fork, only with a small signature change reportedly to make replay attacks impossible.

Personally, I hope this is either a joke or doesn’t materialize as I feel the situation with ETH and ETC is bad enough. While I know there are a lot of people who are hopping on the ETC bandwagon in hopes of getting on early, especially if they missed out on ETH’s early days, but I feel this is going to end badly.

From what I seen so far, it looks like a large scale manipulation going on to sell ETC at high prices, and convert it into ETH at low prices. As far as the hash-rate, miners live off of profit, so they will  obviously point their rigs at whatever coin is profitable at the moment, but this does not necessarily indicate their long-term commitment. Once the profit evaporates, the miners will switch back to ETH or whatever other coin is the most profitable at that point.


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