Warning: Phishing Email Targeted at Bitfinex Customers

It appears someone is trying to take advantage of the already unfortunate Bitfinex situation, by attempting to trick Bitfinex customers into giving out their customer information. Many Bitfinex customers have received a phishing email asking to fill out an “Application for Refund”.

This email appears to come from a ibitfinex address, notice the additional “i” in-front of “bitfinex”. It should be noted that thus far, users have reported no official emails from Bitfinex have been sent out to users during this whole event, which is another controversial topic altogether, but for this warning do not respond to any emails asking for personal information.

The official Bitfinex.com site seems to be up and running as of this morning with the latest updates published on the front page (no exchange functions are available yet) and also the status.bitfinex.com as well as the blog.bitfinex.com  are the official places where customers can be kept informed of the Bitfinex hack and its impending resolution.

Zane Tackett /u/zanetackett on Reddit is the official spokesman for Bitfinex, and he has also made several posts and responds in several others about the incident.

The warning issued from Btifinex is copied below:

Aug 5, 16:00 UTC

We received reports that phishing emails are being circulated from an address made to appear to be a @bitfinex.com email address. The email is in fact sent from @ibitfinex . com (note the additional i).

We like to stress this is not a message sent out by Bitfinex and we advise anyone that has received this email or any similar email to delete it immediately.

Do not open the attachments and if you have opened the attachments do a full virus scan of your computer.

In case users receive emails in relation to Bitfinex and have doubts about the validity of the message received, please always feel free to send an email to support@bitfinex.com and we will be happy to confirm if we did or did try to contact you.

The phishing email contains this text, THIS IS NOT FROM BITFINEX!

We apologize to you for our inconveniences appeared in result of security incident. We intensively work with the law enforcement agencies to find out guilty people to make answer. In near future our website will be restarted. We will strive to keep you as informed as we can

Unfortunately, our losses have a big scale. So, we cannot return you a total sum of lost money.

But we propose a solution.

We are planning to set electronic bonds which will let you claim for dividend payment from the common benefit of our company. You will receive the percentage of dividends, equal to the sum of lost funds.

If you accept our offer, please, check your personal information carefully, fill in the Application for refund and send it back to us.

Thank you for understanding and support.

The Bitfinex Team

Again, THIS IS NOT FROM BITFINEX, it is an imposter sending phishing emails.

We will continue to post details about any such attacks as we have them.

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