Bitfinex Site Reopens with Limited Availability


It appears the Bitfinex site has been reopened with limited availability. Users can login and see their balances and how many BFX tokens they now have.

BFX tokens are issued at a rate of 36.067% of your previous outstanding balance. For example, if you had $100 USD in an account, you would now have $63.93 USD and 36.067 BFX tokens in its place. This ration is applied across all accounts and balances, thus all your BTC, LTC, ETH and USD balances in your Exchange, Margin, and Deposit accounts will reflect this deduction and credit of BFX tokens.

You can see a quick summary of your account on the Bitfinex website by visiting your Account tab (username in top right) -> Reports -> Balances -> BFX Omni. This report will show “Extraordinary loss adj of ” events with the corresponding reduction in assets and crediting of BFX in the adjacent column.

Of further note, upon entering the Bitfinex site, users will be required to reset their password as well as any two-factor authentication settings they may have.

Additional details are provided in the latest Bitfinex update, also copied below:


Site Relaunch

August 07, 2016

We are beginning the process of bringing the platform online in a controlled and secure way. Currently the site is available on a read-only basis as we continue to work towards enabling full functionality. This means that users will be able to log into their accounts but trading, depositing, and withdrawing will remain disabled at this time.

Please be aware of the following changes required by the ongoing platform recovery:
•Users will be required to reset their password.
•Users will be required to reset their 2FA, if applicable.
•Clef has been disabled for all accounts. We have reset our security keys with Clef, requiring users to re-enroll.
•All API keys have been revoked. The creation of new API keys will be re-enabled within the next 48 hours.

Please take this time to log in and review your account and balances, taking note of the adjustments caused by the closing of open margin positions and the application of the Extraordinary Loss Adjustment. The loss adjustment is represented by your balance in “BFX” tokens which are priced at 1.00 USD until we are able to allow trading of that token, likely within the next week. The trading of BFX tokens may be restricted for US customers.

Full platform functionality will come online in progressive steps in the coming days. Withdrawing, depositing and exchange trading will come online first, with margin trading (for non-US customers) to resume sometime after that. Further announcements will be made when the schedule for turning on those features is finalized. Once again, we thank you for your patience.

The Bitfinex Team

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