First Look: MSI RX 470 4 GB


First Look: MSI RX 470 4 GB

Yesterday I received in two MSI AMD RX 470 4 GB cards from NewEgg to evaluate their performance in Ethash (Ethereum) mining. From what I read these cards are capable of 20-22 MH/s while only drawing 110 watts of power.

This is a nice improvement over the older model cards. The AMD R9 390 get about 30 MH/s, but they also consume around 270 watts each doing so, resulting in a 9 watt/MH rating. The RX470 series should lower this down to 5.5 watt/MH, thus increasing profitability over the long term.

MSI RX 470 026

The other plus is that these cards retail for lower prices than the older models. The MSRP for a 4 GB RX 470 is $179, and a 4 GB RX 480 is just $199. Due to the current high demand, these cards are selling for a slight premium, around $20 over MSRP. I paid $199 for the RX 470’s that I ordered, but availability is quite limited, so you have to pay market prices or end up waiting a bit longer.

I plan to do a full write up in the coming days, but initial findings confirm the RX 470’s will produce a solid 20.5 MH/s per card when mining while only drawing around 120 watts each. This works out to a ratio of 5.85 watt/MH, well inline with the expected 5.5 watt/MH I mentioned earlier.

These are out-of-the-box readings and I expect with further tweaking the lowered 5.5 watt/hash ratio will be easily achievable. Much more to come as I work on the full review and what these cards are capable of.

Single MSI RX 470 mining performance with factory defaults
Single MSI RX 470 mining performance with factory defaults


Look for the full review soon.


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