Expanse, which some refer to as a clone of Ethereum, has recently seen increased trading on the exchanges and has been growing in popularity due to it rising price. Recently Expanse has traded as high as 0.0039999 EXP/BTC on Poloniex, fueling increased interest in traders. As shown below, Expanse has a market cap as of this writing of just under $500,000, and is currently trading around $0.40 or .001 EXP/BTC.

Expanse - CoinMarketCap.com
Expanse – CoinMarketCap.com

According to the Expanse official homepage:

Expanse is a decentralized cryptographic information, application, and contract platform. It is among the first of such to be fairly distributed, democratically controlled, and community managed. Through the use of smart contracts and decentralized blockchain technology, it is run not by any one individual or group, but by the users of Expanse itself. The project is organized, managed, and operated through a decentralized organization leveraging direct influence over the platform and its future to those that matter most: our community. New features, integration, and core modifications of the expanse platform and organization can be nominated, voted on, and implemented according to the collective opinion.

While still in its infancy, the big attraction of Expanse is its similarity to Ethereum. For mining it is based upon the same Dagger-Hashimoto algorithm that Ethereum uses. In fact, it is so similar you could follow the How To: Mine Ethereum on your PC and How To: Mine Ethereum at Dwarfpool guides, and with some very slight changes be mining Expanse.

Dwarfpool has just recently added Expanse mining and as mentioned, its setup is so similar to mining Ethereum, that if you substitute a few simple change in your mining .bat file, you can be mining Expanse within minutes.


If you are mining directly to an exchange, hop on over to Poloniex or another exchange that trades Expanse and generate a new Expanse (EXP) wallet address first. The simply go into your mining folder and edit the batch file to reflect the following changes (example is for Dwarfpool):

ethminer.exe -G -F http://exp-us.dwarfpool.com:81/YOUR_WALLET/YOUR_WORKER

Notice that the minor changes include pointing to exp server instead of eth, port is 81, and of course your wallet address needs to be changed to a Expanse wallet address. Also, instead of overwriting your Ethereum batch file, simply save your changes under a new name. A good practice would be to get into the habit of something like Expanse_Dwarfpool.bat or some similar variation, so that you can change between coins you wish to mine easily.


While Expanse is currently trading around 1/10 that of its rival Ethereum, it is easier to mine in that with the same hash-rate you will generate generally more that 10x the number of coins than you currently could by mining Ethereum. Right now with the same mining setup, I can generate about 150% more return by mining Expanse than I could by simply sticking with Ethereum mining.

Please note that this while assessment is current as of the time of this writing and in the cryptocoin world this can change daily, it does give you more options.

Good luck and happy mining!


Expanse Website: http://www.expanse.tech

Block Explorer: http://www.expanse.tech/explorer

Wallet downloads: http://www.expanse.tech/#downloads

Expanse Specifications:

  • Algorithm: Dagger-Hashimoto
  • Block Reward: 8 EXP
  • Block Target: 60 seconds
  • Gas Limit: 31415926
  • Reserve: 11 Million (Community Managed)
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