ASRock H170 Pro-4S BIOS Settings


ASRock H170 Pro-4S

This post is part of the Motherboard BIOS Settings series and covers a specific motherboard the ASRock H170 Pro-4S. To see the full list of motherboards covered in the series, please visit the parent post.

ASRock H170 Pro-4S Product Page

This guide was written using: BIOS Version: 7.40 BIOS Date: 2018/3/12

The ASRock H170 Pro-4S has 5 PCIe slots, it is a socket LGA1151 motherboard, and uses DDR4 RAM. While not necessarily the best choice for mining, it does have 5 usable PCIe slots and can make for a good beginner or even medium sized mining rig if you can find one for a reasonable price.

To get the board setup for mining, I normally get Windows and the graphics drivers installed and setup first before adjusting the BIOS. You can run up to 3 GPUs at default BIOS settings before needing to make any changes. Be sure you install Windows using UEFI.

I recommend getting your mining rig up and operational with three cards at first, then once everything is going smoothly, shutdown, add your other two GPUs and then make the BIOS modifications below.

When Windows comes back, you will need to check the Device Manager to confirm that all 5 GPUs are detected and operating correctly. If you get any GPUs with errors reinstall the graphics drivers, of if you use BIOS modded AMD GPU’s run the AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher and reboot.

Also be sure to switch any AMD GPUs over to compute mode if you are getting too low of hash-rates.


BIOS Settings for Mining


Items to change:

Go to Advanced -> Chipset Configuration:

  • Top of Lower Usable Dram: Change to 2.5 GB
  • PCIE1 Link Speed: Change from Auto to Gen2
  • PCIE2 – 5 Link Speed: Change from Auto to Gen1

Scroll down a bit…

  • Shared Memory: Auto (default)
  • IGPU Multi-Monitor: Disabled (default)
  • Onboard HD Audio – Change to Disabled.

Shared memory and IGPU Multi-monitor are normally set to the above settings as default, but I wanted to list them anyway to verify in case you were using the onboard VGA. Everything else in the BIOS can be left at default.

Also note that while the HD Audio may or may not make a difference, but since this is a miner and we won’t be listening to music it will free up some resources by disabling it.

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