Ethereum Announces Homestead Release Date


Jeffery Wilcke posted on the Ethereum blog that the long awaited Homestead release will be on “Pi day”, or March 14, 2016 (3-14) around mid-day. Technically it is set to go live with block 1,150,000 on the main Ethereum network (block 494,000 on the Morden network), which is predicted to occur in the next 13 days.

We felt it was extremely important to clearly communicate to our users how we felt about the security of the network. Today, we’re incredibly proud to announce that we are finally ready to remove the scratched out word “safe” from our website as move into a new phase: Homestead. The Homestead block will be 1.150.000 for the main network which means the Homestead transition will be roughly around midday on Pi day and the Homestead block for the Morden network will be 494.000.

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Homestead will be the second major version release of the Ethereum platform and is replacing the current Frontier release. The initial release of Homestead is slated to be version1.2.4 which includes several protocol changes including:

  • EIP-2 Main homestead hardfork changes
  • EIP-7 Hardfork EVM update: DELEGATECALL
  • EIP-8 devp2p forward compatibility

This will be followed shortly by release 1.4 which promises even more features and improvements. The developers indicated they preferred breaking it into two releases to help avoid problems and to aid with debugging any that do arise.

More information about Ethereum and Homestead is available the Homestead Documentation project.



Ethereum prices hits new ATH as it reaches $7.50.
Ethereum prices hits new ATH as it reaches $7.50.


It seems the market reaction to the news is positive, as Ethereum just passed it’s previous ATH (All Time High) of $6.47 ETH/USD set on February 12, 2106. Currently trading above $7.50 at press time, it seems investors are a bit more optimistic now that developer milestones are being reached.


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